The ‘Next generation’ of Google Maps Local Search Ads


During Google Performance Summit, it brought out a lot of positive changes, especially for the mobile search. Well, that’s not a surprise since Google is becoming more and more about the mobile and local search. You can expect a lot of new changes to Adwords and Analytics. We all know that the majority of Google’s earnings come from the ads. We often see Google experimenting with these ads to ‘make the user-experience better’. The Google Maps local search ads are all about that. The best local SEO services gave us some insights about these local ads. Let us get into the details and know more about them.

All about the Local Search ads

It is all about converting the online traffic into the foot traffic. The local search ads can be used by the businesses to increase their visibility when people search for the local businesses like theirs on the internet. The mobile searches are increasing and a majority of these searches are local. As such the local search ads were in order. Google is experimenting with the new ad format that can amplify the user experience and the interaction that they do with the location-based searches on the Google Maps. This involves the local promotional offers and the inventories.

The ads will be shown on the Google Maps above the organic results just like you see ads on SERP. For now, there will be two ads with Purple label when the search is on the Google Maps. We already talked about the promoted pins using which businesses can drive the traffic to their local stores. When you click  on the ad, you will be directed to the landing page. This page can be customized by the advertisers. If you own a local business, you can add details about your business that you think is important to tell the audiences.

You will be charged per clicks on the ad, the clicks being on the get directions, details and call.

What Triggered this change?

This change is not without the reasons. The m-commerce is growing and so is the local searches. It may come as a shock that around 90{319d442f6b7f0b94b97e148d7afea1b5f26fa62bd62cb988a0c9becfced95d68} of the global sales happen in the store. People search for the addresses online and visit the shop to make a purchase. About one-third of the mobile searches is location-related. These searches are increasing faster than the overall mobile searches.

Google observed that over a billion people in the world use the Google Maps to get the directions. The total locations that are searched every year on Google are about 1.5 billion. While people search for places all across the globe to plan a vacation, 84{319d442f6b7f0b94b97e148d7afea1b5f26fa62bd62cb988a0c9becfced95d68} of them are the local searches.

One more interesting fact; three out of four people who search on the internet for local places, visit them within 24 hours and 28{319d442f6b7f0b94b97e148d7afea1b5f26fa62bd62cb988a0c9becfced95d68} of them make a purchase too.

So, now you know the importance of the local searches and Google Maps. When your audiences are looking for you on the Maps, you need to make a place there. Local search ads are the best way to make sure that when people search for what you sell, you are there right in front of them.

What can you do?

You know that you have to make a place in the few results that are at the top position on the Google Maps. you have to set your local landing pages, Google+ and Google My Business page right. The Google shows the organic results based on the location, relevance, browsing history, interest, and demographics of the audiences. When your audiences do not like to go to another shoe store near you, Google would not show it to them. That’s pretty unique.

You can give Google your inventory feed which would be displayed in the ad and would be decremented with each sale. Thus, the audiences that you will get at your store would be more inspired to buy. You should enable location extensions for your ads.

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