Modern Web Design – Inspirations for Future


The web design world is being rocked by new design trends that promise exciting things for designers, clients, and the website visitors. Here are some latest web design inspirations that will definitely enhance the unique user experience for visitors of all types.


It has been noticed designers are providing users rich, enhanced experiences by using visual storytelling. Although storytelling by the medium of the website can be a very complicated process but it is not impossible. This web design inspiration will do the beautiful job of entertaining the guests and at the same time provide them the information they are looking for. It’s really a blast to roll through interesting inspiration for interactive web storytelling that makes a great user experience.

Semi-flat design inspiration

The web design industry became busy with the flat design after Windows launched its Metro style. Nevertheless, this design came with some drawbacks and has slowly been morphing into the semi-flat design to correct usability issues. With the use of fine shadows, cards and well-thought out transitions, the semi-flat design have become a much better design alternative due to its ease of usability. We expect to see much of semi-flat design in the coming year as it seems to minimize all  the issues caused by flat design.

Cinemagraphs are powerful right now

You will definitely agree cinemagraphs are very powerful right now. They lift the mood of the website and give sites an additional layer of wonder, magic and elegance. They always have an upper hand to videos because they do not eat much of bandwidth. They are also better than photos because they provide something more than a simple still shot. Although this technology is not new but still we expect to see it introduced into more websites in the coming years.

More utilization of lazy loading

Lazy loading helps in viewing content instantly without waiting for the entire page to load. This method is mainly used on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today we live in a society where information is fed constantly into our lives and lazy loading helps to simplify viewing. As load speed is important for both SEO and website conversion rates, we expect to see more utilization of lazy loading in the coming years.

Hopefully, you will agree with the web inspirations we have shared here. We will share more inspirations in our next blog post. The coming years look to be an exciting year for those professionals who provide professional web design services.

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