7 legitimate ways to make money online

1. Blogging

Starting a blog is one the most common way of online earning, you can create a blog website of the topic which you interest most, you can write articles your self or you might hire a content writer who can write blog articles of your given topic.

Publishing blogs only will not make you money, it will give you internet traffic to your website, to make money you can put a banner advertisement on your blog.

Google Adsense is an easy tool for putting up advertisements on your website and get commissions on ad revenues.

2. Freelancing

Working as a freelancer might be a good option to make money online, you can learn a skill and then offer your service to the client for a various freelance marketplace like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, PPH, etc.

There is a lot of services you can provide from data entry or virtual assistant service to graphics, video editing or web designing and development.

3. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you can earn by referring some product or service to someone and earn some commission on each sale made by that person.

You can either post affiliate links on your social media or put in your blog and whenever someone purchases that product or service from your given link you will earn a commission.

4. Drop-Shipping

You can start your dropshipping e-commerce store to make money online, in dropshipping you don’t need to have your own inventory, you just need a website where customer can order your listed products, after getting an order you will order that product from some other website and deliver that product directly to your customer address, by doing this you can eliminate your inventory cost.

5. YouTube (video content creation)

Youtube is an incredible platform where people already making millions of dollars, the concept is pretty simple you will make video content and publish it on۔ your youtube channel, youtube will put advertisements on it and pay you some percent of the ad revenue they were getting from their ad publishers.

6. E-book

Besides blogging, publishing an e-book is another way in the written content niche where you can simply write a few page e-book on any topic you like.

You can publish your e-book on various channels, either put it on Amazon Kindle and get a major share on each sales made or make it available on your blog or website. You can market it on your social media accounts too.

At first make it available for free to download, try to make your community, once you will get a good number of your own audience, companies will start approaching you to put their advertisements on your next e-book. Now you can charge a big fee for sponsored ads.

7. Podcast

Podcasts are getting popularity in this era of busy life schedules, people can listen to your podcasts while doing some other work like driving, cooking or while doing the workout, as podcasting is content creation niche like blogging or YouTubing so you can earn money by doing of advertising in your podcasts.

Post Author: Abdul Moeed

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